All About Shipping Container House.

Hello everyone… Today I will try to answer all your questions about shipping container houses, about which I get a lot of questions.

Shipping containers are rectangular prism-shaped steel containers designed for stacking strength, usually developed for the transport of large loads. A shipping container is a special steel box that allows us to safely ship cargo anywhere in the world.

Containers are 20 ft and 40 ft long and there are different sizes of containers such as 10 ft, 45 ft, 48 ft and 53 ft. Special designs are also available in line with individual and regional needs.

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In recent years, the increase in housing costs and people’s interest in environmentally friendly structures have led to the emergence of the concept of container house. Thus, the concept of container house spread all over the world has become a trend.

Container house is made of steel containers used in freight transportation. Shipping container homes are also known as crates or container homes. Since these houses are made of solid steel, they are resistant to harsh weather conditions.


Container houses are low-cost, environmentally friendly structures built on small plots of land. These houses are economical structures that save energy and money.

Shipping containers are structurally sound and made of solid steel. In this way, it can be used safely for many years even in harsh natural conditions.

Shipping container homes are portable structures that are built faster than traditional homes.

Container houses are portable and practical structures that can take shape according to your needs.

Briefly; Container houses are great structures that are durable, economical, comfortable, portable and environmentally friendly.

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