Are You Ready for a Different Retreat Experience with the WonderINN Mirrored Glass Cottage?

Hello everyone… We continue to discover different and wonderful little holiday homes around the world. Today we turn our route to Norway, which is famous for its natural beauties, wonderful fjords and magnificent mountains. We will introduce you to WonderINN mirrored glass cottage, which offers a minimalist and different holiday experience that you will want to be there.

This magnificent mirrored living cottage is located in Rælingen in Akershus, Norway with its magnificent natural beauty. WonderINN is located in the Nordre nature reserve, just 25 minutes from central Oslo.

Homeowner Jeremy & Erle decided to build this wonderful mirrored tiny house to live in nature away from city life. With great planning, this magnificent tiny house came into existence. The mirrored glass hut, located on a hill with a magnificent view of Norway, was so popular that requests began to come in to stay in the hut.

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WonderINN Mirrored Glass Cottage

The couple decided to rent this tiny house based on their accommodation demands. You can rent the magnificent mirrored living cabin through Airbnb and have a different holiday experience in the wild.


WonderINN looks like a hidden gem in a wonderful untouched nature. The mirrored glass design of the tiny house integrates with the landscape and adapts to nature. Thus, you can enjoy the moment while watching the magnificent nature in the comfortable and modern main living area.

WonderINN mirrored glass cottage has 2 modern bedrooms, 1 minimalist kitchen, 1 stylish bathroom, which can comfortably accommodate 4 guests.


WonderINN offers unique opportunities for those who want to have a romantic getaway in the middle of quiet wonderful nature. While staying in this wonderful place, you can fish, watch the birds, relax by walking, explore the area with bike, canoe and boat trips.

You can relax while watching the wonderful view in the WonderInn private jacuzzi located right in front of the tiny house.

Right next to the little holiday home is the wooden annex of WonderInn. Romantic moments await you here in the wonderful warmth of wood.

I can say that WonderINN Mirrored Glass Cottage is the best project integrated with nature that I have seen recently. I really liked this modern and stylish cottage in the middle of wonderful peaceful nature.

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