Awesome 2-Story Shipping Container Conversion Project.

Hello everyone… We continue to explore different and wonderful shipping container conversion stories around the world. Today we draw from the United States for an incredible transformation project. We’ll introduce you to a 2-storey convertible shipping container made in New York with a stunning forest view.

The shipping container is made of strong steel products. Therefore, it is resistant to harsh weather conditions and physical impacts. It is a fact that container houses are built cheaper than traditional houses. For this reason, it has become more and more popular around the world every day.

This amazing 2 storey container conversion project is located in Amagansett, New York, USA. Let’s examine together the magnificent 2-storey project with a basement in the middle of the magnificent pine forest.

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Shipping Container Conversion Story

The design wonder container house serves as an art home in New York. In the project, 2 40 FT shipping containers were fixed to the high foundation wall. The shipping container house has a total usage area of ​​840 m2.

The main living area of ​​the house and all other areas are designed very stylishly with light colors. Thus, the interior of the house was made larger and more spacious.

The lower parts of the shipping containers were cut and the ceiling was raised to provide a spacious environment. Transportation between floors is provided by using small and stylish stairs.

The containers were painted black to blend in with the woodland and hide in the shade of the pine trees. From the outside, the container house looks like a part of the forest.

This awesome shipping container conversion project cost around $60,000.

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