Awesome Container House Lily Pad from Creative Cabins.

Awesome Container House Lily Pad from Creative Cabins.

Hello my friends… We continue to discover different and wonderful tiny houses around the world. Today we’re going to introduce you to Creative Cabins’ gorgeous container house Lily Pad, for the minimalist life of your dreams.

Gorgeous shipping container house in wonderful nature is located in Logan, Ohio, United States. The wonderful minimalist sanctuary looks enchanting with its black design in the green forest. The holiday home, which can be rented through Airbnb, is a great place for those who seek silence and peace to get away from the city life.

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Container House Lily Pad

Shipping containers are made of steel. Therefore, it is resistant to harsh weather conditions and physical impacts. Container houses are very easy to move from one place to another. It is a fact that container houses are built cheaper than traditional houses. For this reason, it has become more and more popular around the world every day.


Wonderful house offering minimalist living has comfortable room with big window with great view. The small holiday home has a stylish bathroom designed with light tiles. The container house has a full kitchen, YouTube TV and WiFi.

Lily Pad is located in 13 acres of quiet and peaceful forest. The black coatings used in the exterior design of the tiny container house ensured its integration with nature.


Container House Lily Pad has a gorgeous patio area. The patio also has a jacuzzi, swing and giant covered porch. This container house looks gorgeous from the rocking outside bed to the living room.

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