Awesome House Built with 5 İndustrial Shipping Containers.

Hello my friends… We continue to discover different and wonderful shipping container homes around the world. If you have 5 industrial shipping containers, what can you do with them? Let’s take a look at what Rosie did with the shipping containers. Today we drive to Coromandel, New Zealand to get to know this wonderful container house.

The house that Rosie built in the middle of the magnificent forest with 5 industrial containers looks really impressive. Rosie bought this gorgeous piece of land she fell in love with when she saw it, to sell her Auckland property and build a container house.

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Rosie chose shipping containers for their industrial-chic look and tough weather resistance. The house has 12 solar panels, two 25,000-liter water tanks and a wood composting system.

The container house is dazzling with its design. The house has a meeting room and a large and stylish kitchen where you can meet all your needs. The eye-catching color and design of the kitchen fascinates. The container house has bedroom and living room with great forest view.

Rosie has accumulated books she has read since childhood and she has quite a few. He designed an elegant library for these books in the Main Living area. The bookcase placed on the living room wall looks great as a decorative.

The shipping container house has a large wooden patio with great forest views. There are two blue colored sofas on the patio to enjoy the view. Frankly, the project fascinated me with its design and wonderful nature.

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