Container Tiny Sustainer, Wooden Design with Jacuzzi

Today, many innovative trends have emerged that adopt environmentally friendly and sustainable life. The most important pioneer of these innovative trends is shipping container houses. These homes are impressive living spaces made from recycled shipping containers. Today we will introduce you to the ‘Container Tiny Sustainer’, which fascinates you with its wooden design and is suitable for minimalist life.

Stan & Bry’s stunning scenic vacation home is located in Todd, North Carolina, United States. If you want to stay in this wonderful container house and have an unforgettable vacation experience, you can visit the Airbnb website. This rustic tiny house offers its visitors an extraordinary holiday experience.

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Container Tiny Sustainer

Today we tour Stan & Bry’s unique and impressive small shipping container home located in North Carolina. The small container house with wooden patio is an impressive holiday home with ample private space and wonderful forest views.

The tiny container house promises a unique seclusion with nature. The tiny vacation home is 10 minutes’ drive from historic West Jefferson Town Center. The holiday home is located very close to many entertainment and activity centers.

Container Tiny Sustainer is made with a 40ft shipping container. The tiny holiday home has an environmentally friendly sustainable design and has a usage area of ​​160 m2. The impressive container house features a cozy bedroom, a modern main living area, a minimalist kitchen and a full bathroom.

Wooden products were used in the interior and exterior general design of the tiny container house. Thus, the container house gained an environmentally friendly and warm appearance. The tiny house has a great design with wooden patterns in the main living area, bedroom and kitchen.

There is a wooden veranda on the roof of the tiny container house that allows you to watch the wonderful nature. You can have a barbecue on the small terrace in front of the tiny house and relax with hot water in the jacuzzi.

Container Tiny Sustainer was built to experience a quiet and peaceful retreat by establishing a deep connection with nature.

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