Dream Tiny Log Cabin with Horizontal Architecture in Wisconsin

Hello everyone… We continue to explore different tiny log houses around the world. Today we will introduce you to the dream tiny log cabin that fits the wonderful minimalist life of your dreams. Tiny with this amazing architecture is located in Wisconsin, United States.

Wanting to spend their retirement in a quiet and peaceful place, the Johnson couple planned to build a small log house of their dreams. They wanted to enjoy retirement away from everyone here. For this, they have agreed with a construction company specialized in this field.

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Dream Tiny Log Cabin

The retired couple wanted to make the plan and general design of the log house they dreamed of. As a result of meticulous work, this wonderful tiny house was born. This tiny house belonged to them and they had planned and built everything themselves. They loved this wonderful little cottage that they built with love and will.

The tiny house draws attention with its horizontal design that evokes admiration when viewed from the outside. The tiny log house has a different geometric design and a style that we are not accustomed to in log houses.

The sloping roof of the tiny house added a different atmosphere to its architectural design. Windows are placed on the roof so that the tiny house gets plenty of sun and the environment is spacious.


Although it is a log house in a wonderful nature, the interior of the house has a modern and stylish design. The tiny house gets plenty of daylight thanks to its large and wide windows. Thus, the environment becomes bright and spacious.

The small log house consists of the main living area, living room, kitchen, 2 bedrooms and bathroom. The nostalgic stove, placed to heat the main living area, looks great. The minimalist kitchen is fully equipped to meet all needs.

The tiny wooden house has 2 double beds designed in modern and stylish colours. One of the bedrooms is located right next to the main living area and the other is located in the attic. One of the modern and stylish bathrooms is located in the bedroom.

The dream tiny log cabin fascinated me with its extraordinary minimalist and distinctive design. We wish a lifetime of happiness to our retired couple who signed this beautiful project.

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