Hickory Outlook Is the Most Beautiful DIY Tiny House You’ve Ever Seen.

Hickory Outlook Is the Most Beautiful DIY Tiny House You’ve Ever Seen.

Hello everyone… We continue to explore the wonderful tiny houses around the world. Today we will introduce you to the Hickory Outlook, the shipping container house with a wonderful forest view, suitable for the minimalist life of your dreams.

This gorgeous shipping container house is located in Barneveld, New York, United States. The tiny house sits on 100 acres at the foot of the Adirondack Mountains. Modern and stylishly decorated container house by host Emily, you can rent on Airbnb and have a great adventure.

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Tiny House is the name given to minimalist buildings, usually between 10 square meters and 30 square meters, designed with wheels or fixed. Tiny House means more than a home and is considered a way of life. It has become popular all over the world by creating a more useful living space in small spaces.

Just because these homes are small doesn’t mean they lack the comforts and amenities of a normal home. In fact, as I shared in my previous articles, tiny houses have numerous advantages.


When Emily started building this tiny DIY home, she thought it would cost more than a regular home. But the tiny container house with an interior space of 456 square feet (42.3 square meters) cost him $200,000.

The cost of the land is not included in the cost of this modern home, which costs about $200,000. Emily says the land is owned by her family and this has reduced the cost of construction.

The modern and stylish little house in the wonderful nature has 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom and a minimalist kitchen where 2 guests can stay comfortably.

The container tiny house has a fully equipped kitchen with kitchenware and other items you may need.

The stylish bathroom in the tiny house includes a double toilet, shower, washing machine and toilet.


The Hickory Outlook features a single-pitched roof that accentuates the view and makes the space appear larger. Relax around the fire pit in its spacious garden, warm up and unwind in the jacuzzi and sauna.

If you wish, you can watch the magnificent nature while reading your book in the hammock in the garden.

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