I Admire Debra’s Treehouse Rental in the Heart of the Forest.

We continue to discover different and wonderful tiny houses around the world. Tiny houses are gaining popularity around the world thanks to their functional design despite their small size. Today we take you to Debra’s rental treehouse in the heart of the forest for the minimalist life of your dreams.

This magnificent sanctuary is located in Dahlonega, Georgia, United States. The host, Debra, has thought of everything down to the last detail to give her guests a unique experience. The modern treehouse, available for rent on Airbnb, was designed by Nature’s Nook architect Susan Scranton.

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Debra’s Treehouse Rental

Tree houses are extraordinary houses that everyone admires, big and small. They are wonderful and unique structures, especially for children. Who wouldn’t want to own a treehouse? It would be nice to listen to yourself there, enjoy the magnificent view and breathe the fresh air.

Debra’s Treehouse

This wonderful tree house is located in the heart of the country famous for its wines. The wonderful holiday home located in the middle of nature draws attention with its modern design. The tree house offers accommodation for up to 4 people thanks to its modern bunk bed system.

Debra’s Treehouse

This is the perfect choice for adventure, relaxation, wine tasting or hiking. Built around a large oak tree, the treehouse embraces the beauty of nature and offers a unique experience.

Debra’s Treehouse

Debra’s treehouse rental has a large wooden patio with wonderful forest views. The patio has a grill and a built-in YETI cooler for extra cold storage. The wooden patio of the treehouse is so wide that you can even party with your friends.

Debra’s Treehouse
Debra’s Treehouse

In order for the oak tree to get plenty of water, rain water is directed to the bottom of the tree from behind the roof. Thus, the tree is kept healthy and strong.

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