Minimalist and Modern Tiny House

Hello to everyone… Today, I will introduce you to a wonderful modern tiny house that fascinates with its minimalist and modern design in Izmir Urla, the pearl of the Aegean. Tiny houses are ideal places to get away from the noise of the city and to be alone with nature. Although it is small, it can meet all the needs of families.

The wonderful modern tiny house used for weekend getaways in Urla, Izmir is located in a 500 m2 garden. Since the owner is an industrial designer, he designed the house himself according to the needs of his family. The light colors used in the decoration of the house added light to the environment.

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Modern Tiny House

A beautiful nostalgic mat is laid in the kitchen of the modern tiny house. This wonderful tiny house is separated from the kitchen, revealing two main living areas. The tiny container house has a great ventilation system.

A wonderful living room designed in light colors welcomes you on the ground floor of the house. The main living area is quite spacious and designed in a modern way.

This wonderful little house has an elegant master bedroom and a children’s room in the attic. The two-story bunk bed in the nursery is wonderfully thought out.

The wonderful house has a kitchen and bathroom where you can get all the services you need.

The designer of the house has done extraordinary works in an industrial style in the 500 m2 garden. There is also a portable fireplace on the patio that you can use in the evening.

I hope you enjoyed this wonderful tiny house, which offers a unique pleasure with its different architecture.

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