Modern Container Homes, Cozy 2 Bedrooms

Modern Container Homes, Cozy 2 Bedrooms

Modern container homes are mostly preferred due to their minimalist stylish designs and portable structures. These houses provide freedom of movement and you can easily place them wherever you want. Thanks to this wonderful feature, it has become a popular living space around the world. Today we will introduce you ‘Modern Container Homes’ suitable for minimalist living with 2 comfortable bedrooms.

Want to build your dream tiny house that fits your budget and lifestyle? If you do not have a lot of time and a big budget to devote to large constructions, buying a prefabricated container house may be the right choice for you.

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Modern Container Homes

Tiny modern container homes are eco-friendly designs that save budget. These houses are a great choice for a stress-free, minimalist life in nature. Tiny houses are unique retreats where you can rest your soul in nature.

2 Bedrooms Cozy Container House

This small container house plan was designed by Architect AVN Studio as a single storey. The tiny container house is 12.1m long, 2.9m high and 2.4m wide and offers a modern and impressive usage area of ​​27 m2 in total. The tiny container house consists of a modern main living area, a cozy bedroom, a minimalist kitchen and a stylish bathroom area.

In the overall design of the shipping container house, comfort and convenience are blended with modern lines and kept at the highest level. The master bedroom has a private stylish bathroom. The striped white ceramic tiles used in the bathroom of the house add a stylish look to the environment.

Modern Small Designs

When you enter the living area of ​​the modern container house, an eye-catching design decorated with light colors welcomes you. The light-colored walls and furniture of the house add simplicity and elegance to the environment. There are minimalist lines that make life easier in every area of ​​this tiny house.

In front of the container house is a large wooden veranda that runs along the structure. The patio is wonderfully decorated with modern and stylish furniture. The large veranda has a unique design that combines the house with wonderful nature.

In a nutshell, this modern container home is a 40-foot home with alternative open space that offers plenty of impressive living space. The tiny house is a great design that offers a minimalist living space that meets all your needs.

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