Modern House Design Made from Three Shipping Containers.

Hello my friends… We keep discovering great shipping container house designs. If you have three shipping containers, what can you do with them? Let’s take a look at what Brenda Kelly does with shipping containers.

Today we go to New Zealand to get to know this wonderful container house. With three shipping containers and stunning Lake Taupo views, the tiny container house looks really impressive. Three 20ft shipping containers were used to design the container house.

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Three Shipping Containers

Brenda chose shipping containers for their industrial black sleek look and tough weather resistance. The small house has a large and stylish living room with a wonderful view of the lake.

When you open the sliding glass door of the living room, you reach a wonderful large veranda.

The sweet little house has two wonderful bedrooms decorated in light colors. It saves space as one of the beds can be folded at the same time.

Next to the living room is a wonderful kitchen with luxury equipment. The eye-catching color and design of the kitchen fascinates.

The small container house has a large wooden patio with great lake views. The gray sitting group placed on the patio looks great. There is a one-car parking lot under the house where you can park and protect your vehicle.

Source: iqcontainerhomes

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