Modern Living Solution Space Tiny House

Hello to everyone… Sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative structures have become increasingly popular in recent years. Today, I would like to talk to you about the space tiny house, a modern living solution designed with a modern and stylish design by a company from Miami.

Space Tiny House was designed by Unacasa, which operates in Miami, FL, Florida, United States. A state-of-the-art modern home, 16.40 x 39.37 ft. and 645 m2 modular house has a portable and convenient structure. It provides the opportunity to live freely with the perfect harmony of technology and design.

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Space Tiny House

Environmentally friendly, high quality and comfortable materials were used in the project. The smart home has the look of a state-of-the-art luxury superyacht.

Thanks to its portable structure, you can move wherever you want whenever you want. Large windows covering the entire perimeter of the house made the atmosphere bright.

The state-of-the-art house has 1 very stylish bedroom. The bathroom is designed in accordance with the smart home concept. There is a small and stylish kitchen in the house where you can meet all your needs. The living room has a modern design in gray tones and LED lighting.

The dark colors used in the interior and exterior decoration of the tiny house add style to the building. The large windows of the container house made the environment bright and spacious. The tiny house is located in a stylish bedroom designed in light colours.

Space Tiny House has a great portable patio. You can relax and have a good time in the modern sitting group on the veranda.

Source: Unacasa

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