Sail to New Horizons with the Stunning Cascade Tiny House

Sail to New Horizons with the Stunning Cascade Tiny House

Today I will introduce you to the minimalist and wonderful Cascade Tiny House, which will sail you to new horizons with its loft design. This wonderful little wheelhouse is a great choice for those who love freedom and nature. Thanks to its mobility, it is a fully equipped comfortable vehicle where you can camp wherever you want.

Tiny House was designed by Matthew Impola on a 30′ x 8.5′ three-axle Iron Eagle trailer. Light colors in modern style were preferred on the exterior of the caravan and it gained an elegant appearance. The area on the right at different heights is designed as a study room.

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Cascade Tiny House

Light colors were also preferred in the interior decoration of the tiny house, and the environment was bright and spacious. Kitchen cabinets with blue doors add a beautiful harmony to the tiny house. The objects used in the decoration have added a natural and elegant atmosphere to the house.

A TV cabinet with shelves is beautifully designed in the main living area. The tiny house also has lots of storage space that can be used as a coat hanger.

A sufficient number of stylish windows have added light and spaciousness to the environment. Light-colored details and blue cabinet doors look modern and stylish.

The light colors used in the toilet and bathroom add freshness to the environment. The sliding bedroom can also be used as a study.

The built-in wardrobes under the stairs where you can put your belongings are wonderfully thought out.

This tiny house looks great in terms of its architectural features and functionality.

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