Small House With 2 Floors And Mobile YIN-YANG.

Hello to everyone… Portable houses have become quite popular in recent years. The fact that the construction period and costs are more economical than concrete houses is one of the most important reasons for preference. Today we will introduce you to the mobile small house YIN-YANG, which fascinates you with its design and you will be amazed when you see it.

The rolling tiny house YIN-YANG with a gorgeous luxury floor plan is manufactured by the Australian company Uber Tiny Homes. Operating in Byron Bay, Australia, the company serves many parts of the world. Tiny House offers freedom of movement thanks to YIN-YANG wheels.

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Photo: Uber Tiny Homes

The tiny house was built from the caravan 3 m (9.8 feet) wide, 8.4 m (27.5 feet) long, and 3.65 m (11.9 feet) high. There are different versions according to the standards of the countries. The tiny house consists of 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, 1 kitchen and a small veranda in front of the house.

Photo: Uber Tiny Homes

The main living area of ​​the house is designed in light tones, modern and quite stylish. When we enter, a magnificent session plan welcomes you. The mobile small house YIN-YANG has a modern and stylish bathroom. You can use the tub and shower duo to enjoy a relaxing bath with a wonderful view.

Photo: Uber Tiny Homes

The tiny house has an oven, stove, fridge and a wonderful kitchenette designed with various materials to meet all your needs.

The small house has a large and comfortable double queen bed. The large window next to the bed allows you to enjoy the view.

Photo: Uber Tiny Homes

The mobile tiny house YIN-YANG has a wonderful patio with outdoor seating to relax and spend time. The veranda of the tiny house is wonderfully decorated with a gray sitting group.

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