Small Mobile Office Ideas

We continue to explore different tiny houses around the world. Are you ready to meet the wonderful tiny mobile home with a charming minimalist style that can also be used as a mobile office? In this article, I would like to talk about small mobile office ideas that fascinate with their mobile design and are suitable for minimalist life.

Designed by Oregon-based Tru Form Tiny, the tiny house on wheels is a great camper that offers a quiet home office environment. This wonderful home can be an office to take with you or a portable camper to use on your adventures.

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Small Mobile Office Ideas

A tiny house is a house with dimensions ranging from 80 feet to 750 feet that can be built on a foundation or on wheels. Small houses are cheaper to build and maintain than others. A small house built on wheels provides freedom of movement.

The tiny office is caravan style and offers a wonderful living space with a length of 5.4 m and a width of 11 3.3 m. The house has a small kitchen, a small living room, bathroom and a wonderful bedroom on the roof.

Light colors were preferred in the interior and exterior decoration of the tiny house, adding spaciousness and spaciousness to the environment.

The kitchen has a sink, wooden counter, small refrigerator, induction cooker and shelves for storage. The sofa placed in front of the coffee table in the living room looks great. There is also an electric fireplace placed between the kitchen and the living area.

The upstairs bedroom is accessed via a custom-made staircase. The bathroom has an adequately sized shower, toilet and a nice vanity. The tiny house model can also be designed individually.

It took about a year for Tru Form Tiny to complete this tiny house. This great mobile home starts at $87,500. The small portable office is accessed via a 4-step wooden staircase.

It fascinated me with its wonderful minimalist home design that can be designed as a home office.

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