Small Shell House Design

Hello everyone… We continue to discover amazing tiny houses around the world. Today I would like to tell you about the small shell house design that I love with its natural and unique architecture that resembles tree bark. The small tree house with a unique design is located in Nagano, Japan.

Tono Mirai Architects designed a small shell house with a bark like structure in the middle of the lush forest. This tiny house looks completely different from the others. A modern structure emerged in the forest with its extraordinary and unique lines.

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Small Shell House Design

The tiny house was built using wood and clay materials found in the area. It was built using traditional architectural techniques. In harmony with nature, dark curved wood covers the exterior, while small windows reflect a small amount of natural light.

Wonderfully thoughtful large sliding doors allow you to enjoy the nature surrounding the house. The first floor of the house features a beautiful oval room, open living room, stylish bathroom and dining area. There is an attic bedroom where you go up to the second floor via a wooden staircase.

Wooden details are used in almost all of the building. This is a great idea for the tiny house in the middle of the forest to blend in with nature. I really liked this loft house, which has a different architecture and looks like a part of nature…

Photos: Takeshi Noguchi – Architect: Tono Mirai Architects

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