Smart Legend Two Has the Most Beautiful Tiny House Plan You’ve Ever Seen

Hello to everyone… We continue to discover different and wonderful tiny houses all over the world. Today we’re going to introduce you to the Smart Legend Two with the most beautiful tiny house plan you’ve ever seen. This gorgeous, smart and environmentally friendly new generation tiny house was designed by Singapore-based Company Nestron.

Smart Home Legend Two is a wonderful 25.5 m2 tiny house where a family of 4 can stay comfortably. With a great planning, a portable and stylish house design that can meet all needs has emerged. The portable tiny house looks very attractive with its minimalist and modern look. Let’s get to know this wonderful house better together.

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Beautiful Tiny House Plan

Tiny House is the name given to minimalist buildings, usually between 10 square meters and 30 square meters, designed with wheels or fixed. Tiny House means more than a home and is considered a way of life. It has become popular all over the world by creating a more useful living space in small spaces.


Dimensions: 8500 mm long × 3000 mm wide × 2800 mm high

Area: 25.5 m2

Weight: 7000kg

Layout: Living Room, Bedroom, Kitchen, Bar Counter, Bathroom

Renovation: Beautiful Decor + French Windows

Pest control: Termite Resistant

It is made to order and placed where you want it.

The smart tiny house has a living room, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom.

Today we're going to introduce you to the smart Legend Two with the most beautiful tiny house plan you've ever seen.

A window is installed in the ceiling to make the house brighter and more spacious.

The tiny house has a dining table, wardrobe and bedroom set.

I love the minimalist design and useful structure of the eco-friendly smart tiny house Legend Two.

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