Tanglewood Conservatory Made of Mrick

Tanglewood Conservatory Made of Mrick

This custom brick and stone Tanglewood conservatory were designed as an annex to a large house on the Nanticoke River. The home’s owners hired the Tanglewood Conservatory to design the 300-square-foot escape area.

They wanted the conservatory to be away from the main house and to be able to fulfill many different functions. Accessories and furnishings in the living area of ​​the building have been carefully selected.

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Tanglewood Conservatory

The wooden materials used are prepared in accordance with the texture of the house. The building shines like a jewel box on a lush island.

Stone paths leading to the main house add style to the structure and its landscape. The other side of the conservatory is surrounded by a fence.

Creatively designed brick and stonework add character and style to the conservatory.

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