The Best Small Retreat Cabin You Can Build in Your Backyard

Hello to everyone… We continue to discover wonderful tiny houses around the world. Today we’re going to introduce you to the ‘Best Small Retreat Cabin’ that you can create in your backyard, suitable for your dream minimalist life.

This modern and stylish retreat was designed by architecture studio Board & Vellum in Seattle, United States. The tiny house is the result of the wonderful work of architects Jeff Pelletier, Ryan Adanalian, Katie Mallory Allied and Derek Reeves. A wonderful backyard dream awaits you, away from the noise of the city, where you can find silence and inner peace.

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Best Small Retreat Cabin

In recent years, interest in tiny creatures has been increasing day by day. The rapid increase in prices in the housing sector increased the interest in these houses. People are looking for smaller and more affordable homes instead of buying big and expensive homes in city centers.

Photo: Andrew Giammarco

The site of this wonderful project in Seattle previously looked nothing but intricate and stylish vegetation. The vegetation was so abundant that even calculating the required area for the project under the cover was very difficult.

Photo: Andrew Giammarco

Design studio Board & Vellum has created a stunning backyard reading retreat with a modern design, outdoor seating in the garden, fire pit and jacuzzi. Experience the unlimited pleasure of reading a book with your loved ones by the fire fireplace in the backyard.

When you enter the tiny house, glass walls and a stylish and comfortable armchair welcome you. With the help of the folding stairs in the house, you reach the comfortable bedroom in the attic.

The small reading and relaxation house has a modern and stylish bathroom. The bathroom is harmoniously designed with white tiles and black joints.

Photo: Andrew Giammarco
Photo: Andrew Giammarco
Photo: Andrew Giammarco

Source: Board & Vellum

This tiny private living space, where you can find peace away from the chaos of the city, fascinated me.

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