The Small Hermitage Cottage is Only 12 Square Meters.

Hello everyone… We continue to discover different and wonderful tiny houses around the world. Today we will introduce you Small Hermitage Cottage, which has a wonderful view that best describes the minimalist lifestyle.

This wonderful Small Hermitage Cottage is located in the Val Trebbia region of Italy. The minimalist retreat designed by Llabb offers nature lovers a wonderful living space. It has a wonderful view of the valley and has an isolated structure.

The tiny wooden cabinet is shaped in perfect harmony on vertical and horizontal wooden panels. The tiny house has a wonderful design reminiscent of the Japanese tea house concept. In this aspect, it has achieved a magnificent minimalist appeal.

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Small Hermitage Cottage

Constructed in a rectangular shape, the cabin measures 60×60 and has an area of ​​12 square meters. The tiny wooden house is approached with the help of a small wooden bridge. The three facades of the small house are surrounded by horizontal timber cladding.

Photo: Anna Positano, Gaia Cambiaggi

Small Hermitage Cottage has a stylish appearance despite being built in the middle of nature. Most importantly, nature-friendly materials were used in the construction of the building. Durable Okoume marine plywood is used for the floor and ceiling of the small wooden house.

Photo: Anna Positano, Gaia Cambiaggi

At the entrance of the tiny wooden house, there is a stylish desk at the wall level. We reach a large area that opens to the balcony from the intermediate corridor.

The fourth façade facing the valley is completed with a glass sliding door. Just in front of the sliding door is a wooden terrace with impressive views.

The tiny house has a great space-saving folding bed. The tiny house has lots of hidden cabinets for storage needs.

Photo: Anna Positano, Gaia Cambiaggi

This amazing Small Hermitage Shed Project was completed by the studio team in as little as two weeks. It was built at a point overlooking the magnificent forest landscape of the Val Trebbia Valley.

Solar panels were placed on the roof of the tiny house to meet the electricity needs. Thanks to the water tanks, the water need of the tiny house was met.


The tiny house has wonderful forest and valley views. Step out onto the small veranda of the house and enjoy the magnificent view.

Photo: Anna Positano, Gaia Cambiaggi

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