Tiny House with Large Patio in Yamada Town.

Tiny House with Large Patio in Yamada Town.

Tiny houses with verandas are unique designs that integrate perfectly with the magnificent nature. The tiny house universe is huge and offers excellent opportunities for those looking for new excitement. That’s why we keep discovering gorgeous tiny houses around the world. Today we will get to know an impressively designed small house with a large veranda in Yamada Town, Japan.

The tiny house with large patio is a great choice for those who love modernity and elegance. The exterior of the tiny house is designed with minimalist and modern lines. The wonderful holiday home is equipped to meet all your needs. Wooden products used in the general design of the house add style to the environment.

Construction Location: Kagoshima City

Construction Method: Traditional wood frame construction method

Land Area: 295.61㎡

Total Construction Area: 97.80㎡

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Tiny House with Large Patio

Simple furniture was used in the house, which was decorated in a minimalist style. The bright white and brown tones used throughout the house added to the appeal.

Wooden Small House Design

The large and large windows of the tiny house made the environment bright and spacious. The bedroom is wonderfully designed with wooden details.

The kitchen, which is designed in a modern style, has a refrigerator, stove, oven and various utensils for every need. The bathroom is stylishly decorated with light tiles and wooden details.

The modern and minimalist house has a large front porch that can be used as a relaxation area. The veranda can also be used as a living space thanks to the porches.

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