Tiny House with Patio, Glass Ceiling and Space Saving for Only $68,000

Hello to everyone… We continue to discover different and wonderful tiny houses all over the world. Today we’re going to introduce you to the space-saving tiny house with patio where you can have the minimalist life of your dreams for only $68,000.

A tiny house is a house with dimensions ranging from 80 feet to 750 feet that can be built on a foundation or on wheels. Small houses are cheaper to build and maintain than others. A small house built on wheels provides freedom of movement.

Cute patio tiny house is located in Pennsylvania, United States. It was developed by Pennsylvania-based tiny home manufacturer Comak Tiny Homes. This wonderful house, which is the latest model, has features suitable for daily use.

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Tiny House with Patio

The Mink house is built on a 16-foot x 8.5-foot tandem drop-axle trailer. The space-saving tiny house is a micro house with a total area of ​​112 square meters.

Tiny home with patio comes with telescopic aluminum ladder for access and RV plug with 15-amp adapter. The tiny house has a practical design that makes life easier.

The attic of the tiny house has a comfortable bedroom designed with LED lighting. Thanks to the glass ceiling that illuminates the environment of the house, you can watch the stars while lying down.

Cedar veneers have been carefully used to add charm to the overall design of the tiny house. The tiny house on wheels features a minimalist kitchen adjacent to the main living area. The small kitchen has a 1.5-meter refrigerator under the counter.

The minimalist wheelhouse has an independent energy and water system, independent of the mains. Tiny house with patio is an environmentally friendly new generation caravan designed with smart system technology.

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