Tiny Loft Edition with Awesome Wheels.

Tiny Loft Edition with Awesome Wheels.

Hello to everyone… We will introduce you to the ‘Tiny Loft Edition’ designed by Mint Tiny Homes, which reflects the minimal lifestyle in all its dimensions. Canadian Mint Tiny Homes company introduced the comfortable and affordable Tiny Loft Edition model that appeals to wide audiences.

Loft tiny house is a wonderful house on wheels that offers 34 square meters of living space. The tiny house looks great from the outside with its cedar finish and matching color. Thanks to the wide doors and large windows of the house, the interior environment is bright and spacious.

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Tiny Loft Edition

The main living area of ​​the loft tiny house has large windows that let in lots of daylight. The main living area is designed with modern furniture and decoration products.

In the attic there is a wonderful white bedroom. Built-in wardrobes for storage under the stairs leading to the loft are wonderfully thought out.

In the modern kitchen of the tiny house; there is a stove, oven, steel extractor and refrigerator. Next to the kitchen is the laundry room and a wonderful bathroom with a large shower. The tiny house is equipped with air conditioning and electric heating systems.

The minimalist bathroom of the wonderful tiny house looks very stylish with square tiles. The bathroom offers a comfortable life with its modern and impressive design.

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