Tree House Brandywine Grove: The Most Beautiful Vacation Home I’ve Ever Seen.

Hello to everyone… We continue to discover different and wonderful tree house designs around the world. Today we’re going to introduce you to Brandywine Grove, the most beautiful vacation home treehouse I’ve ever seen, suitable for the minimalist retreat of your dreams.

This gorgeous 2-story treehouse with stunning forest views is located in Sugarcreek, Ohio, United States.

Tree House Brandywine Grove offers its visitors a peaceful haven in the wonderful nature. The owner of this wonderful house awaits couples who want to renew their love and find peace here. Vacation paradise Brandywine Grove is a wonderful love paradise that you can rent through Airbnb.

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Living on the branch of a tree is not only being alone with nature, but also dreaming, listening to yourself and feeling peaceful. Tree houses are special structures for not only children but also adults and all individuals to have a good time. They are unique small structures where dreams and inner peace are kept alive.


This wonderful treehouse offers couples a wonderful sanctuary in touch with nature. It has a large wooden patio with views of large maples and a private pond. Located on a high point dominating the wide wonderful valley, Brandywine Grove is 22 ft wide. With this feature, it offers a unique holiday and relaxation opportunity.


Brandywine Grove has a modern and stylish design despite being in the forest. The treehouse features 2 comfortable double queen bedrooms. The tree house has a wonderful minimalist kitchen that can meet all your needs. The stylish bathroom, designed with modern lines, looks great on the lower floor of the tree house.


What I loved most about this wonderful treehouse was its large veranda with great forest views with large maples. It is a great place where you can have your breakfast among the sounds of birds and take time for yourself. There, close your eyes and immerse yourself in a peaceful retreat.

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