Tree House Hotel, Impressive Architecture

Hello everyone… We continue to discover different and wonderful tree houses all over the world. Hangzhou Kaiyuan Senbo Tree House Hotel is a 300 m2 big tree house built in China. It is a wonderful building with magnificent forest views.

This gorgeous tree house hotel, has rustic and stylish rooms for guests to stay in. Intertwined rooms like Lego are reached by walking paths. The tree hotel has all the fine details that will make you feel special.

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Project: Senbo Resort Hangzhou Tree House
Project location: Xianghu Resort, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China
Architect: WH Studio
Design Team: Wang Hui, Wang Rongrong, Qin Tianyi
Construction Company: Wanzhang Cultural Tourism Group
Construction Area: 1750 m2 (6 buildings in total)

Tree House Hotel

You can enjoy the magnificent view from the large terrace at the top of the treehouse. The lush green hills opposite the holiday home offer a magnificent visual feast. You can rest your soul and start the day energetically in this magnificent tree house complex.

For everyone, it is in the luxury hotel presentation with accommodation, architectural structure and presentation presentations.

Photography: WCTG, Xiaoli Liu.

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