Tree House With Different Architecture

Tree House With Different Architecture

Living on the branch of a tree is not only being alone with nature, but also dreaming, listening to yourself and feeling peaceful. Tree houses are special structures for not only children but also adults and all individuals to have a good time. They are unique small structures where dreams and inner peace are kept alive. Tree houses have become very popular in recent years. Owning a wonderful tree house is the dream of many. Today I would like to introduce you an interesting tree house design with a different glass architecture that you will be very surprised to see.

This tree house, which is completely different from the others with its design, is located in New York City, USA. This gorgeous window tree is by Treehouse Masters designer Christina Salway. It fascinates those who see it with its different architecture.

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Tree House With Different

Because this building is both a small house and a glass house. 75 windows were used in the construction of the house, which is a marvel of design. I have never seen such an interesting tiny house that draws attention with its design.

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