Trika Arquitetura and the Wonderful Casa da Silveira

Hello to everyone… We continue to discover different and wonderful tiny houses around the world. Designed by architect Trika Arquitetura, Casa da Silveira is a wonderful bohemian cabin with stunning sea views.

It was originally designed as a single-storey stone structure in 2000. Later, the bedroom, bathroom and other living spaces consisting of glass and wooden cabins were placed on it.

The gorgeous house in Garopaba blends the wonderful Brazilian forests with its dark wood design. Considering the humid climate and green nature of Brazil, local stone and wood products were preferred in the overall design of the cottage.


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The eye-catching house is architecturally two-storied. The first floor was built as a stone structure in accordance with the local architecture. Almost the entire second floor is wonderfully designed with local wood products. Large glass units used instead of walls allow you to reach the magnificent sea view.

Photos: Efreu Quintana

Wooden products used in the main living area provided warmth and comfort to the environment. The white L armchairs and decoration products in the living room add elegance to the environment.

Photos: Efreu Quintana

Bohemian style house has a wonderful bedroom with sea view. The bedroom on the second floor is wonderfully designed with light colors. Thanks to its large windows, you can enjoy the sea view without getting up from your bed.

Photos: Efreu Quintana

Casa da Silveira features a large wooden patio and balcony with stunning sea views. From both you can enjoy the magnificent view of Brazil. The veranda is designed very stylishly with a wooden seating group.

Photos: Efreu Quintana

I was fascinated by the little house in the lush big forest.
Stunning with its design, the wooden tiny house has a large and lush garden. Many different kinds of trees and flowers in the garden have added color to the environment.

Photos: Efreu Quintana
Photos: Efreu Quintana
Photos: Efreu Quintana

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