What is a Container House?

What is a Container House?

In this article, what is a container house? What are the features of container house? How to make a container house? We answered these frequently asked questions. Cargo containers are special boxes in rectangular steel form suitable for storage, made for freight transportation. Shipping containers are designed in 20 or 40 ft sizes. However; There are also containers of different sizes, such as 45, 48 and 53 ft, produced according to needs. Container house is made from these shipping containers made of this strong steel.

In recent years, special design shipping containers have increased with regional needs and developments in the cargo sector. A shipping container is a specially designed steel box that allows you to safely ship cargo anywhere in the world.

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What is a Container House?
What is a Container House?


The increase in housing costs in the world and people’s interest in environmentally friendly structures has led to the emergence of the container house industry. This concept, which spread rapidly all over the world, has become a popular housing sector.

What is a Container House?
Modern Container House

Container houses are made of steel containers used in freight transportation. Since these houses are made of durable steel, they are resistant to harsh natural conditions and weather conditions.


Container houses are economical and environmentally friendly structures that can be installed in small areas. These houses are economical structures that save energy and money.

Shipping containers are made of strong steel. It can be used safely for many years in harsh natural conditions.

Container homes are portable structures that can be built faster than traditional homes.

Container House
Container House

These houses are portable and practical structures that are shaped according to personal preferences.

Container houses are durable, economical, portable and environmentally friendly new generation wonderful structures.

These houses are wonderful minimalist structures that are growing in popularity around the world.


In this section, we will try to answer all the questions by explaining the construction process of the shipping container house step by step.

1. Container Supply

In order for the project to be implemented, a clean and, if possible, slightly used shipping container must first be provided.

What is a Container House?
What is a Container House?

 2. Site Selection

The space where you want to place the shipping container is very important. The area where the container will be placed must be flat and the ground solid.

3. Pouring Concrete

Concrete should be poured on the floor of the area where the shipping container will be placed, in direct proportion to the structure. Concrete will both protect the structure and increase its strength.

4. Placing the Container

After the concrete is poured, you can now place the shipping container. It should be placed with the help of a crane, taking into account the fixing corners.

5. Identification of Door and Window

The next step is to mark the door and window locations of the house. You can get support from expert personnel during the preparation of doors and windows.

What is a Container House?
Modern Container Houses

6. Interior Design

In the final stage, interior decoration works of the shipping container house are done. The decoration of the house will depend on the size of the space, its usability and your creativity.

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