You Can Own a Portable Container House for $50,000

Hello friends. Shipping containers made of steel are incredibly tough and durable construction products. Container houses are resistant to disasters such as earthquake, hurricane and fire. Due to this attractive feature, the demand for container houses is increasing day by day. Today we will introduce you to the ‘Portable Container House’ suitable for the minimalist container life of your dreams.

European architecture firm Wiercinski-studio has designed a wonderful portable house out of shipping containers that costs $50,000. The portable prefab container house is made of two empty shipping containers.

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Portable Container House

The Poland-based design firm created this wonderful home using two containers measuring 9.5 feet tall and 39.4 feet x 8.2 feet. The container house is convenient and spacious, with an area of ​​581.3 square meters. The large windows of the house made the environment bright and spacious.

The container house has a wonderful modern and stylishly designed bedroom. The white tiles and tub used in the bathroom of the tiny house add elegance to the environment.

The container house is designed in accordance with the minimalist lifestyle. The tiny house has a minimal and modern kitchen. The main living area, which can be used as an office at home, looks great.

The little patio at the back of the house looks very sweet with two white chairs and a coffee table. The forest view veranda is wonderfully designed for relaxation and tranquility.

Source: Wiercinski-studio

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