Young Couple Building A Wonderful Secluded Sanctuary For Their Love.

Hello my friends… We continue to discover different and wonderful tiny houses all over the world. Today I want to tell you about the wonderful secluded sanctuary that a young couple, tired of city life, built for their love. This wonderful little house in lush nature is located in Thailand.

A tiny house is a house with dimensions ranging from 80 feet to 750 feet that can be built on a foundation or on wheels. Small houses are cheaper to build and maintain than others. A small house built on wheels provides freedom of movement.

The biggest reason tiny houses are popular is because they are low cost and sustainable. For this reason, the number of people who adopt a minimalist lifestyle is increasing day by day.

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The young couple, overwhelmed by the crowded city life, wanted to live in peace in a place with a garden and a pool. The young couple built this wonderful house with a wonderful forest view in the lush nature. This tiny house where they can live their love away from the eyes cost them about 200,000 baht.

This tiny house has a raised wooden floor basement and a wonderful large patio. Concrete was poured into the basement of the house for easy cleaning and to prevent moisture. The lower level of the local small house has a bedroom, a terrace and a bathroom.

Although the tiny house looks small, it is fully equipped and designed to meet all needs. The interior and exterior decoration of the tiny house is designed with rich local products.

The young couple built a small pond for irrigation right next to their house. Thus, the water problem was solved and the vegetables and fruits they planted could be irrigated before they dried out.

The tall little house has a large wooden veranda, wonderfully designed for relaxation, overlooking the natural landscape and watching the mountains and rivers.

If I have readers who make their dreams come true like this beautiful couple, we will be very happy if they share their feelings and thoughts with us. If you want to build a wonderful tiny house by chasing your dreams, don’t be late.

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