The Most Amazing and Fascinating Container Design Story You’ll Ever See

Hello to everyone… We continue to discover trend houses in the world. Our route today is the African Continent with its wonderful natural beauties. This incredible 2-story shipping container design story is located in Abuja, Nigeria. This modern and stylish container house was built in just 8 weeks.

Shipping containers are made of steel. Therefore, it is resistant to harsh weather conditions and physical impacts. It is quite easy to move these houses from one place to another. It is a fact that container houses are built cheaper than traditional houses. For this reason, it has become more and more popular around the world every day.

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Container Design Story

Built from used shipping containers and consisting of two floors, this wonderful structure has an area of ​​​​approximately 195 m2. Isn’t it great that this wonderful house was completed in 8 weeks?

Photo : livinspaces

The large and large claws used in the rooms of the house ensured that the environment was bright and spacious. All areas of the container house are wonderfully decorated with modern furniture.

Photo : livinspaces

The entire house, including the container house’s kitchen, bathroom and main living area, is stylishly designed with light furniture and decorative elements.

Photo : livinspaces

The large patio in front of the house is elegantly decorated with white garden furniture. The previously neglected area has been transformed into a wonderful green garden with the container house.

Photo : livinspaces
Photo : livinspaces

Source : livinspaces

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