California XXL Comfort Caravan

California XXL Comfort Caravan

We continue to discover different and wonderful RVs and tiny houses all over the world. In this article, we will introduce the new generation living vehicle ‘California XXL Comfort Caravan’, which brings a new breath to the caravan world. The new generation caravan California XXL carefully offers everything a mobile home should have.

The functional mobile home can be used as a rest area or walking path thanks to its dynamic structure. The dining area of ​​the caravan can be directly accessed through the sliding door of the vehicle. California XXL offers a modern and comfortable main living space.

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California XXL Comfort Caravan

Volkswagen California XXL comfort caravan is designed so that the driver and front passenger seats can rotate 180 degrees. California XXL offers a new generation design that meets all needs with its modern style.

The most important feature that distinguishes the California XXL from others is manifested in the kitchen and wet floors. Thanks to its functional structure, the interior of the vehicle looks larger. It warms the heart with its modern architecture and loft colors. A handy gas stove, sink and refrigerator are cleverly placed in the kitchen.

The materials used in the bathroom are very stylish and useful. The toilet and sink offer comfortable use thanks to their foldable dynamic structure.

One of the most important features of the vehicle is the portable camping chair and table set at the rear. The unit placed in the trunk lid can be used as a resting and dining area. In general, the tool has a very useful and compact design. All the equipment that should be in a trailer has been carefully placed. The California XXL is a special caravan everyone would love to own.

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